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Located in The Village of Milan, the proposed Edison Trail is mostly a cinder railbed trail that generally follows an area of the towpath of the Milan Canal, which was also known as the Huron River Greenway in the past. This is an enormously historic area for the citizens of Milan because it runs along the historic Milan Canal (shown above) which existed from 1826 to when it closed in 1869. This trail begins at the bottom of the Main Street hill and the entrance to the trail is directly beside what was once the industrious harbor area of the canal.  A warehouse building from the Milan Canal period still stands beside the entrance to the trail. The area, that was the Milan Canal, runs beside the trail with a small crossover bridge at the Edison Birthplace Museum. The trail is a flat level trail that is easy to walk and yet primitive enough to allow the visitor to imagine that they are seeing many of the same things that the pioneer settlers may have saw when they first came to this area in the early 1800's.


Edison Trail - Main Trail

This area is generally divided into three areas. The first is the main trail beside the Milan Canal (shown above), the second is the Oxbow Trail which you can see below which follows the Huron River and is still in a primitive state and the third is the Edison-Milan Canal Basin Trail that leads to the garden of the Edison Birthplace. Eventually, Erie MetroParks will have an observation platform and perhaps new trails around the canal which will replace all or part of the exiting trails. At this point, in the fall of 2011, we really don't know the location of the new trail because EMP have a proposed new 2.5 mile trail in Milan near the Canal.   


Oxbow Trail (Beside the Huron River)

Edison Trail - Seniors Walking Guide

Name of Trail Surface Difficulty Distance Hand/Access
Edison Trail Gravel/Earth Unimproved - Level Grade 1 mile Depends
Oxbow Trail Earth Unimproved 1 mile No
Edison-Canal Trail Earth Unimproved - Working 1 mile No

The main trail is a linear park so, unlike most park trails, these trails do NOT circle back to the starting point at this point. The Oxbow trail does circle at the main trail. Both trails are fairly primitive with some low spots. The Edison-Canal Trail which starts at the Edison Birthplace is a steep, narrow trail with some slippery spots. As with all walking trails, hiking shoes, a walking stick or cane may be useful for seniors. If walking alone, please carry a cell phone. The HRT is a good park for walking or  jogging but never go further than the distance you are prepared to return to your starting point.  I would also strongly advise you to use a bug repellent, during the summer season, when walking any trail in this area.


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