Galpin Nature Trail - Milan, Ohio

The Galpin Nature Trail is a small, neighborhood, nature trail that is located on Edison Drive across the street from the back side of the Milan Cemetery. In fact, this trail is maintained by the Cemetery Association and apparently the concept is to do as little as possible to disturb nature. For example, if a tree falls on the trail area, it is not removed but rather the trunk is sawed away from the trail or chipped out at the point that the tree crosses the path so that the person walking on the trail has to actually step on or over the tree trunk. Needless to say, this is can be difficult for elderly people walking the trail and the problem is compounded because where the tree crossing is located is directly beside a ravine which is shown below. So if you should happen to stumble here there's a chance you could roll down the hillside.

Walking the Galpin Nature Trail

The trail itself  is compacted earth that circles around the outer fringe of the park and there are smaller paths that break off the main trail and lead back to the entrance area. The trail is narrow but enjoyable to walk and gives the visitor a nice view of the forested area of the park and the valley that runs beside the cemetery. The trail is generally elderly friendly except for the fallen tree obstacle which you can avoid by taking the center park trails back to the entrance. As with all nature trails, there are tree roots and minor obstacles on the trails so I advise walking seniors to carry a walking stick or cane to avoid potential problems. It takes about 15 minutes to leisurely walk the outer trail and shorter times if you cut through the park on the center trails. I would not attempt to power walk or jog on this trail. I have no idea where a visitor is supposed to park. The entrance to the trail has room for perhaps three cars in the grass area in front of the entrance but it's not designated as a parking area and it could be a problem in wet weather. I suppose you could also park across the street on the grass of the cemetery property but the entrance to the park is located on a curve in the road and cars do speed down this road so use caution if crossing the road.  

2010 Update: I recently walked the Galpin Nature Trail in the fall of 2010. Three of the panorama's I shoot are reflected in the above panorama photos. The main problem that I encountered is, as shown above, where the leaves cover the trail around the park. So, unless you're familiar with the trail, it's very hard to see where it starts and ends.  And as I noted before, the park custodian just leaves the fallen branches on the paths so with the leaves it's almost impossible to see the trail or find the trail which makes a walking an adventure in this park. You can see in the middle two photos, which I took during my last visit to the park, the trail was clearly defined at that time. Now its gone. It's not unusual to have trails covered with leaves in the fall time, but this is a unique problem with the fallen branches


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