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Firelands Pioneer Notes

The Fire Lands Pioneer - June 1858 - page 23 - Elisha Whittlesey Address to FHS on 11/12/1857
"The enemy had possession of the lake, and our troops were exposed to be assailed by his guns from armed vessels, as well as to be surprised by night, by detachments landed by boats, in the vicinity; to avoid which a position was soon taken on the farm of Ebenezer Merry, on the east side of the Huron River. above David Abbott's, and designated Camp Avery."
The Fire Lands Pioneer - March 1859 - Reminiscences of F. W. Fowler - Roads
"The first wagon road in the township was cut out and cleared by Ebenezer Hays and myself, in the winter of 1810-11. It commenced at the mouth of Huron River, on the East side, where the road is now traveled-thence up the river to the Abbot farm-thence Southerly past the farms of Ebenezer and Hosmer Merry, and that of Gurdin Perrin, near where the road is still traveled..."
The Fire Lands Pioneer - March 1859 - Reminiscences of F. W. Fowler - Incidents of the War of 1812
"This was called "Fort Nonsense!" A more injudicious point could not have been selected on the whole lake shore. It was open to attack from both land and water. After being bored for a few days, by his old acquaintances in this section, on account of his skill in engineering, the General concluded to change his position. Accordingly he removed his army to a point on the East side of the Huron River, on lands of Ebenezer Merry, in the township of Avery. It took the name of "Camp Avery." All things being thus arranged for the defense of the country, the General permitted Capt. Quigley to disband his company, as its members resided in the vicinity. This was on condition that we would be still subject to his call in case of necessity. Thus we went to our own homes, to take care of, and protect our own property."
The Fire Lands Pioneer - March 1859 - Page 36 - Martin Kellogg
"On the 30th of July (1815) we arrived at E. Merry's, one half mile south of the old county seat of Huron county, (now Erie county)."
The Fire Lands Pioneer - March 1859 - Page 37 - Fay family at the Blockhouse by Martin Kellogg
"Soon after starting we were luckily met by Dr. Lyman Fay, who had come to escort us to Esquire Merry's, with whom he then boarded...In a few days we were all domiciled in  the old block house, as filthy a place as any Christian could desire. Some time in August, father Fay bought one hundred acres of land in Norwalk township, the place on which Lucius Fay afterwards resided. A few weeks after this he died in the old block house."
The Fire Lands Pioneer - May 1859 - Reminiscences of Lucy Abbot Stevens - school house
"The first school house was an old Indian house which stood between the farm owned by my father on the North, and Mr. Merry on the South."
The Fire Lands Pioneer - September 1860 - Page 5 - Rev. E. Judson - Unpublished Sermon in 1839
"At this juncture a regiment of troops, under the command of Gen. Simon Perkins, of Warren, came and established a camp. A fort, surrounded by a breast work was built near the dwelling of Nicholas Cline (Kline), then owned by Ebenezer Merry. It was called Fort Avery."
The Fire Lands Pioneer - June 1868 - Page 3 - Seth Jennings
"She was the mother of Mrs. Seth Jennings, of Milan, and the wife of Wm. Kline, of the same place. They came to Milan from the city of New York, with a family of eight children, in June, 1819, and settled at what was then called Camp Avery."
The Fire Lands Pioneer - June 1868 - Page 60 - Charlotte Merry Reminiscences
"A Mr. Harvey, to whom Mr. Merry had rented his farm in Milan, lived in a small log house, and the families stayed with them till a floor was laid , and a temporary chimney built in the block house on his farm at Camp Avery. The building had been occupied by soldiers  during the war, and used as a barn the winter previous to their arrival. A log house was soon completed, into which they moved near the last of December, and was ready to receive company on New Years day."

Other Publication notes on Camp Avery

The Town of Milan by: Jas. A. Ryan - Page 22
"One mile and a half up the river from the town of Milan there was a block house which was used as a rallying place and refuge for the settlers in times of alarm."
Milan and Milan Township, Ohio 1787-1976 - Page 7 - Ft. Avery
"Williams History says "After the arrival of some scattering companies and the main armies, General Perkins established Camp Avery on the east side of the Huron River, on lands owned by Ebenezer Merry."

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