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It is nearly impossible to do any of the history pages on this site without the help and guidance of the following:

Milan Public Library & Milan Historical Museum

I cannot thank enough these institutions for helping me in gathering research on the history of Milan. The Milan Public Library has a genealogy department that I have spent hours at doing research and they have been most helpful including one of their staff actually going out into the field and helping us find historical markers.

And the Milan Historical Museum is a rich treasure of information and photographs of historic Milan and they also have shared with me whatever information I needed from them. I strongly urge everyone who lives or visits Milan to enjoy the Museum and it's reflection on the history of Milan.  

Finally then, I need to thank all the people who care about the history of Milan and have shared stories, legends and tales with me. If I start to list them it would take forever. Simply know that I appreciate all the input you've all had on these pages and I hope I've done these pages to your liking.

Books, Papers, Articles & Various Publications

(Not listed by date or any particular importance)

Milan and the Milan Canal by Charles E. Frohman (published 1976)
Milan and Milan Township, Ohio 1787-1976 by Wallace B. White (published 1976)
The Milan Canal by The Canal Society of Ohio (Fall Tour 2002)
Towpaths - The Canal Society of Ohio - Volume 20, #4 - The Milan Canal
The Schooner IDAHO by The Firelands Pioneer - Volume 24 (published April 1930)
"Why Was The Milan Canal Discontinued" by Carol Wiesenauer (November 1985)
A History of the Milan Ship Canal by Sarah H.P.McWane
Where Only Ghost Ships Sail by George E. Condon (Canal Forum)
The Town of Milan by James A. Ryan (published 1928)
The Last of the Idaho by Jas. A. Ryan (March 3, 1928)
Wallace White's History of Milan (published 1986)
Milan Township and Village - 150 years by Wallace White (published 1959)
Normal School Reunion Official Souvenir Program (published 1910)
A Guide of Sorts to the General Confusion of Historic Names, Dates and Place in Milan Township, Erie County, Ohio by Dave Berckmueller (2007)
Spark in the Firelands by Peter Esainko
Just Like Old Times by Henry Reinier Timman (published 1983)
The Firelands Pioneer - Various Issues starting in 1842
Sandusky Weekly Register (May  9, 1900 - Valentine Fries)
Harvest - Milan, Town Born in Fire by Ohio's Farm Village Heritage
Only Traces of Canal Still Remain At Milan by Ruby Totten
Last Reminder of Milan Canal by Wallace White
The Milan Ledger - February 10, 1947 - Centennial Edition
Historical Collections of Ohio by Henry Howe - Volume One
The Milan Tribune - Various Issues
The Centennial History of Erie County, Ohio by H.L.Peeke - Volume Two
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Archives (Historic Photos)

Notes of Source Material:  The above list represents an enormous amount of information that was written about the history of Milan. Sometimes, different publications writing on the same subject, disagree on dates, people and places. This is to be expected with reflections of historical events. Whenever possible, I try to show conflicting information or dates but other times it's simply not practical. For the most part, I use dates and events that reflect things that were written at that time period in diaries, collections and newspapers. It is not my intent to write a definitive account or a book of what happened during a particular period of time, but rather tell a story that reflects the spirit of the time that accompanies my photographs on this site. Milan Township has a rich history and there are some people in the Milan area who are better qualified than me to tell the complete story. Frequency Asked Questions

Q. How do I get in contact with you?

A: The easiest way is to just send me an e-mail to me and I have direct links to me (webmaster) on most every page on the site. I read every e-mail sent to me and I'll answer them as time allows. However, I do not have any official standing with the Village of Milan, so if you have a question about their service or need help with a problem, you should write to them directly or call them.

Q: Can I share photographs of historic Milan with your site?

A: Basically this a photography site, so we'd love to share photos that you have with people who visit this page. We'll give you credit beside each photo and most historic photos and postcards can be restored even though they might be in poor condition.

Q: Why do you have a black background on your site?

A: Because I have what's called "UVites" in both of my eyes and I have a problem seeing things with a white background. That is why I have a black background, light color type and larger fonts than normal. Unfortunately, most sites are not designed for elderly people or people with eye problems.  My computer is also set for high contrast with a black background so that is what I see on every site I visit.

Q: Can you help on family research on people who lived in this area?
A. No, I'm a commercial photographer not a researcher, but I can refer you to a history researcher:

Ted Reising-Derby  -


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