Handicapped Parking on the Melon Festival


50,000 people come to Milan Melon Festival on three days - Saturday thru Monday. BUT…there are 13 handicapped parking on the Village of Milan city buildingl. 13 Handicapped Parking for 50,000 people in the festival – some of which are handicapped! But the parking lot comes 23 spaces on this lot, but police roped for 10 spaces for the police vehicles and the police have three or four places in the front of police station - so they have 14 spaces! The police have 14 spaces, the handicapped section has 13 spaces. What is wrong with the 14/13 section?

I tried to park in the handicapped spaces on Saturday – 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, finally at 7pm I found one space. There were 7 parking spaces vacant in the police vehicles. Sunday I went a 7pm, I found one handicapped space.

After I went to the festival, I noticed several people in parking in the police roped off. Apparently the police vehicles 10 spaces for police friends and family.  I’m very disgusted with the 10 spaces on the police section; they should be for Handicapped Vehicles. They should have 23 handicapped spaces for handicapped people.

Labor Day (Monday) I went to handicapped place (around 1pm) and there have one (only one) handicapped parking space. The police were sitting in car and asked if I had a handicapped card. The police didn't check my handicapped card, they sit in the car. Some people have expired handicapped card, but they didn't check my handicapped card. They should walk around and see the handicapped card and if people have expired card. The problem is the police do not check the police section.

The problem is the police section not the handicapped section!!! Couldn't they rent a lot for all these police family and friends.

Police Only Lot at morning before Milan Melon Festival