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James H. McBride Arboretum (3 pages)

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On The Town Square   Old Woman Creek
Thomas Edison Home
Milan Melon Festival (3 pages)   Berlin Heights Area Parks
Milan Public Library   Hoffman Forest Reserve
Milan Historical Museum   Edison Woods Preserve
Milan State Wildlife Area    
Photo Gallery (listed on right side)   Birmingham, Ohio Parks
Cruisin' on the Square   Schoepfle Garden
Mid Summer Antiques Fest   Birmingham School Park
Edison Park    
 Milan Cemetery  

Sandusky, Ohio Parks

Galphin Nature Trail  

Eagle Point

Antique Shops of Milan  

Osborn Recreation Area

The Coupling Reserve  

Pelton Park

Milan Recreational Parks    
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Castalia, Ohio Parks

Huron River Wallpaper  

Castalia Quarry Reserve

Premiere Theater 8  

Castalia State Fish Hatchery

Churches of Milan  

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Rest Haven State Wildlife Park

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Directory of Erie Metroparks


BGSU College - Firelands Branch

Thoughts on Being a Senior Citizen  (6 pages)

Grocery Shopping in Norwalk, Ohio

History of Milan Section  

Idaho Artwork Information Page


The Story of the Idaho Bell

Where It All Began...   Quarry Hill Orchards Historical Building
The Abbott Family  

Field Burning at the Historic Wheeler Farm

The Homer Page Farm  

Welcome New Village Station & A Look Back

Valentine Fries Shipbuilding   Memorial Day in Milan - 21 Photos - 7 Videos
The Abbott Land Today   A Home Neglected & Abandoned


The Milan Canal    
From Settlement to Construction   Photo Gallery of Erie County
The Opening of the Canal   Gallery 1 - 7 Scenic Photos
The Story of the Idaho  

Gallery 2 - Fall Colors in the Parks

The Engineering of the Canal   Gallery 3 - BGSU Abstract Art
    Gallery 4 - 7 Scenic/Close-Up Photos
The Huron Institute   Gallery 5 - Milan Area Photos
    Gallery 6 - Fall 2006 - Spring 2007
History of Milan, Ohio   Gallery 7 - Matrix of Erie MetroParks
Timeline of Milan, Ohio   Gallery 8 - Summer 2008 Matrix Photos
Huron River Greenway (3 pages)   Gallery 9 - 2009 Panoramic Photos
Milan Township Hall (3 pages)   Gallery 10 - 2010 Spring Buds/Flowers
    Gallery 11 - Fascinating Tombstones
Hastings Memorial Chapel   Gallery 12 - Huron River Panoramas #1
    Gallery 13 - Huron River Panoramas #2
Historic Homes of Milan   Gallery 14 - Huron River Panoramas #3
    Gallery 15 - Milan Roads in the Fall
Historic Photos of Milan, Ohio   Gallery 16 - Trees at the Wheeler Farm
Old Photograph's of Milan Square   Gallery 17-HRG - Fall 2010 -  Milan Side
Old Photographs of  the Village of  Milan   Gallery 18 - HRG - Fall 2010 - Huron Side
Old Photograph's of Milan Public School  

Gallery 19 - Edison Woods - Main Entrance

Photograph's of Milan's Huron River Valley  

Gallery 20 - Edison Woods - Smokey Road


Gallery 21 - 2011 Spring Flower Gallery #1

100 Year Old Photo Comparison  

Gallery 22 - 2011 Spring Flower Gallery #2


Gallery 23 - 2011 Spring Gallery

Historic Print Ads of Milan   Gallery 24 - Canadian Geese at McAb.
    Gallery 25 - HDR Tone Mapping
Old Maps of Milan Township   Gallery 26 - Fall Time in Milan Area
    Gallery 27 - The Interior Churches in Milan
Old Drawings of Milan Township    
Milan Pioneer Stories    
Rattlesnakes at Old Woman Creek    
Justice at the Old County Seat    
The Tragic Story of Return Ward    
Camp Avery & the War of 1812    
Credits & FAQ Page    


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