Historic Homes of Milan, Ohio

It has been documented that Milan's greatest period of population growth was the mid 1800's and much of the charm of the village today is reflected in those historic homes that grace this community. In a 1976 book titled "Milan and Milan Township, Ohio",  one of the chapters of the book showed the still existing homes in the city that were built in the 1800's. We thought it would be interesting to revisit those homes - over 30 years later to see how well they've withstood the test of time. We've also added some important landmark homes from that period to make the timeline more complete.


1817 - David Hinman House 1823 - George Lockwood House 1823/24 Benjamin Abbott House
1825 - Ebenezer Andrews House 1828 - Hamilton-Rodman House  1829 - Guy Stevens House
1829 - Roman Huber House* 1832 - Everton Judson House 1837 - Jenkins-Perry House
1838 - A. P. Mowry House 1842 - The Edison House 1843 - The Sayles House

1846 - The Galpin House

1847 - Zenus King House

1847 - James C. Lockwood House**

1848 - Captain Kelly House 1860 - The Hoag House 1860- House of Forty Doors

1891 - W. H. Smyers House


* The Roman Huber frame home was actually built by John Stevens in 1829 as one of three homes, all with identical floor plans, and within a block of each other, for his three children. In 1839, Bradford Sturtevant added the second story to the home in order to provide a place for students of the Huron Institute to board. The Institute was located across the street at the entrance of the now Milan Cemetery. And then around 1900 the house was again remodeled. The home's most famous owner was Colonel Roman Huber who also donated a parcel of land for development of  "Edison Park" which was built in honor of war veterans.


** The J. C, Lockwood home was built in 1847 in the popular Federal style of the period. However, in 1870 the home was extensively remodeled adding the distinctive Italianate tower, the  Mansard roof, the porch and the bay.


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