A lot of people have asked about the photos on this site. What kind of camera that I use - a Nikon SLR, if I shoot digitals or film - digital and if I have a computer program that I prefer to work in - Adobe Photoshop Elements. But the question I'm asked most, is why my readers can't get the range of different colors on my photos.  For those of you who enjoy photography as your hobby, about a quarter of the photos on this site are HDR Tone Mapping which gives great colors and surreal photos. Because I shoot digital, digital photos are limited in tonal range much more than film. When you shoot a average exposure digital photo in sunlight, the high points of light are washed out (the sky and very bright areas) and the low points of darkness are lost on the image black (shadows or deep colors). If you shoot on a cloudy day, your pictures will have more correct tonal range because there's no extreme light or dark in the photos. But, your photos will look somewhat lifeless and without much contrast. In this section, I'm going to show you a few of the normal exposure photos versus tone mapping photos. An average HDR Tone Mapping photo image on this page might contain between six and 12 photos, which is then combined on my computer to make a final image or sometimes a surreal photo. And if I do a panorama photo, I might have between 27 and 50 separate photos combined to one finished  photo image. Of course, I use a tripod for all of those exposures so they will line up on the final image. And you can't use tone mapping of people or action photos. I've always believed that one photo is worth a thousand words. Let me show you...


This is a HDR Tone Mapping photo at Deering Terrace. There are five photos in this photo with various exposures which combines to make one photo.


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