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Restaurants on the Milan, Ohio Square

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Coffee Station Milan Inn 419-499-3333 Dine-in 6am-7pm /Closed Sun
Invention Restaurant 15 Main Street 419-499-2320 Dine-In - Carryout
Jim's Pizza Box 10 Main Street 419-499-4166

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Park Square Tavern 51 East Front Street 419-499-2833 Dine-in
Wonder Bar Inc. 48 East Front Street 419-499-2777 Dine-in - Click for Review

Restaurants in the Milan, Ohio Area

Italian Gardens Restaurant and Lounge 11313 US Rte 250N 419-499-4671 Dine-in - Web Site Link
Marketplace Grill 11001 US Rte 250N 419-499-2715 Dine-in
McDonald's Restaurant 11015 US Rte 250N 419-499-3055


Subway Sandwiches & Salads 11299 US Rte 250N 419-499-4319 Carryout

Restaurants in the Norwalk Area

Arby's 347 Milan Ave. 419-663-2729


Berardi's Deli & Dairy 204 Cleveland Road 419-668-3209  
Berry's Restaurant 15 West Main Street 419-668-2394  
Bob Evans 230 Milan Ave. 419-668-3803 Dine-In - Carryout
Burger King 283 Benedict Ave. 419-668-0079 Drive-Thru/Carryout/Sit-down
Burger King 340 Milan Ave. 419-668-0058 Drive-Thru/Carryout/Sit-down
Cameo Pizza 14 N. Hester Street 419-660-0187 Open 4pm daily - Carryout
Chucks Carryout and Pizza 1426 St. Rt.  61 N 419-663-1041  
Casa Fiesta 196 Milan Ave. 419-660-8085  
Captian D's Fisherman's Catch 5 E. Main Street 419-663-0069 Mon-Sat 11am-9pm/Sun noon-7pm
Domino's Pizza 81 E. Main Street 419-663-3030  
East of Chicago Pizza   419-663-0808 Sun-Thu 11am-10pm/Fri-Sat 11-12
Friendly Corners Tavern 21 Mills Street 419-660-9159 Open 11am - 1 am Mon-Sat
Great Wall Chinese Kitchen 201 Milan Ave. 419-668-8503  
Kentucky Fried Chicken 223 Milan Ave. 419-668-4121 Drive-Thru/Carryout/Sit-down - Click For Review
Lucky Chinese Restaurant 187 Milan Ave. 419-668-0700 Open Everyday 11am-10pm
Marco's Pizza 105 Whittlesey Ave. 419-663-5555 Carryout - Delivery
McDonald's of Norwalk 199 Milan Ave, 419-668-1487 Drive-Thru/Carryout/Playground
McDonald's of Norwalk 249 Benedict Ave. 419-668-4571 Drive-Thru/Carryout/Sit-down
Old Golf Inn   419-668-9900  
Peking House 2 W. Main Street 419-668-1511 Carryout Menu - Dine In
Pizza Brothers Inc. 210 Milan Ave. 419-668-6071 Sun-Thur 4pm-11pm/Fri-Sat 11-1am
Pizza Cravin' Inc. 64 Benedict Ave. 419-668-2728 Carryout - Delivery
Pizza House Italian Eatery 47 Whittlesey Ave. 419-663-1400 Open Mon-Fri 10am/Sat-Sun 4pm
Pizza Hut 188 Milan Ave. 419-668-2510 Carryout Menu - Sit Down - Delivery
Pizza Post Family Restaurant 222 1/2 E. Main 419-668-8385 Dine-in - Carry Out - Delivery
Schild's Cafe 171 Milan Ave. 419-668-5156 In the IGA Supermarket
Star Diner 46 Cleveland Road 419-663-5668  
Subway Sandwiches and Salads 355 Milan Ave. 419-668-0932 Carryout Menu - Sit-down
Sunrise Cooperative 110 Cleveland Road 419-663-2546  
Taco Bell 170 Milan Ave. 419-668-0766  Drive-Thru/Carryout/Sit-down
Vargo's Drive-In 192 Milan Ave. 419-668-8694  
Wendy's Old-Fashioned Burgers 181 Milan Ave. 419-668-7978  Drive-Thru/Carryout/Sit-down

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